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 about sdata.grf

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PostSubject: about sdata.grf   Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:38 pm

I downloaded all the 6 parts from the Renegade site and followed all the instructions until the step 3 where I'm supposed to extract the zip to my Renegade folder. However, when I did that, something pops up. It says something like this:

\renegade\sdata.part1.rar: Packed data CRC failed in sdata.grf. The volume is corrupt
\renegade\sdata.part2.rar: Packed data CRC failed in sdata.grf. The volume is corrupt
\renegade\sdata.part6.rar: CRC failed in sdata.grf. The file is corrupt

Then, I deleted all the files and downloaded them again but the problem persists. Maybe I'll try to download them again later. It's frustrating! Crying or Very sad

EDIT: Those parts are still corrupted after downloading again for 3 times. Am I the only one having this problem? Are there any other links for that grf? Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: about sdata.grf   Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:03 am

I will inform the admin about this. Thank you for being patient. Please stay updated.

RenegadeRO Team
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PostSubject: Re: about sdata.grf   Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:33 am


Same problem! Yesterday i join your server and same problem!

Sorry for spam same quest.... but are you going to fix this problem ? (Post already is 14 days old! And nothing)

P.S. What version of sdata.grf are you using! Already tryed ~6 kRO other game version and they are not working on your server!
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PostSubject: Re: about sdata.grf   Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:37 pm

Yeah, I had the same problem. I'll be watching this thread 'cuz I just found this server last night and I really do want to play it. Hopefully someone'll come up with a mirror or a fixed link or something.
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PostSubject: Re: about sdata.grf   

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about sdata.grf
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