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 MVP room update

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•Gm• Crisanta


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PostSubject: MVP room update   Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:46 pm

Added MVP room
NPC Location:

MVPs Summoned
•Amon Ra (delay 0)
•Atroce (delay 0)
•White Lady (delay 0)
•Dark Lord (delay 0)
•Detale (delay 0)
•Doppelganger (delay 0)
•Lord of Death (delay 0)
•Drake (delay 0)
•Evil snake Lord (delay 0)
•Garm (delay 0)
•Gloom Under Night (delay 0)
•Goldern thief Bug (delay 0)
•Incantation samurai (delay 0)
•Kiel (delay 0)
•Stormy Knight (delay 0)
•Lady Tanee (delay 0)
•Maya (delay 0)
•Orc Lord (delay 0)
•Orc Hero (delay 0)
•Phreeoni (delay 0)
•Ktullanux (delay 60 minutes)
•Tao Gunka (delay 60 minutes)
•Satan Morroc (delay 60 minutes)

If you have any questionsé Suggestions Please do so in our forums. Thankyou

•Gm• Crisanta
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MVP room update
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