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 Thanatos Quest Here!

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Thanatos Quest Here! Empty
PostSubject: Thanatos Quest Here!   Thanatos Quest Here! EmptySun Nov 01, 2009 2:50 pm

What do you need?

A Lv4 Weapon to obtain the Red Key
To be with, at least, 5 people on party to go to the 3rd floor.
To be advanced class to go to the 7th floor.
To release the boss:

Fragment of Agony (dropped by Thanatos Dolor)
Fragment of Despair (dropped by Thanatos Despero)
Fragment of Hatred (dropped by Thanatos Odium)
Fragment of Sorrow (dropped by Thanatos Maero)

•To enter to Thanatos tower you must go to hu_fild01, talk to the guard and pay the fee to enter to the tower.

Inside, you must talk to the Guide, called Ditze, and apply for the repairs on the tower.

She’ll tell you to go to the next floor to find the 2nd Floor Guide. Once you find him, he’ll only warp to the next floor if you’re 5 (or more) on party.

•On the 3rd floor you have to find a machine that will give you the Red Key. You must equip a Lv4 weapon to obtain it.

•On the 4th floor you have to find another machine, but now you’ve to solve a puzzle. You have to guess 3 numbers between 1 to 9 (without repeating). Every turn you have to input 3 numbers and the machine will tell you how many of them are correct and how many of them are in the right position. You have 5 attempts. If you fail, the machine will reset and the code will change. When you solve the puzzle, you’ll obtain the Yellow Key. Only one thing… Patience.

•On the 5th floor you have to find a third machine, which will give you the Blue Key. Here you’ll need the party members to open it (at least 3 people). You have to get closer to the machine and speak to it. Here you have the third keyOn the 6th floor you have to find the last machine. That machine has got 5 wheels that can turn in three positions. You have to turn all the wheels to make the same sound. This is the combination:
1st Small Wheel -> Raise Wheel (1st option)
2nd Small wheel -> Lower Wheel (2nd option)
1st Big Wheel -> Vertically Shift Wheel (3rd option)
2nd Big Wheel -> Raise Wheel
3rd Big Wheel -> Raise Wheel
When you’ve put them in the correct it’ll give you the Green Key.

Now you’ve to go to the 9th floor and find another device to get the last key. The device is on the up-left corner and you’ll have to input the word Key to obtain the Black Key.

**Thanatos Quest - The Charm Stones**

The next step is to get the Charm Stones. Every Key you get before will be to get the same charm (Green Key -> Green Charm Stone, etc.)
You might want to start the tower from bottom to top again to get the charm stones after you obtained all the keys.

•The first one is the Blue Charm Stone and you’ll find the seal to get it on the 4th floor. You speak to the seal and insert Blue Key to get the Blue Charm Stone.

•The second one is the Red Charm Stone and you’ll find the seal to get it on the 5th floor. The same as before, you speak to the seal and insert Red Key to get the Red Charm Stone.

•The third one is the Black Charm Stone, the seal is on the 6th floor. The same as before, speak and insert Black Key to get the Black Charm Stone.

•The next one is the Yellow Charm Stone, the seal is on the 7th floor. Speak and insert Yellow Key and you’ll get Yellow Charm Stone.

The last one is the Green Charm Stone, the seal is on the 10th floor and you’ll get the Green Charm Stone inserting Green Key when speaking.

Now you have all the Charm Stones you can go to the top of the tower. You must go to the 12th floor and insert all the Charm Stones in their statues. Here a map with the location of the statues.

In the first statue you must insert the Red Charm Stone.

The second stone is the Yellow Charm Stone.

The next one is the Blue Charm Stone.

The fourth one is the Black Charm Stone.

And finally, the last one, the Green Charm Stone.

When you insert all the Charm Stones a warp will be opened in the center of the map and it’ll warp you to the top of the tower. This warp won’t close until you kill the MVP.

Thanatos Quest - How to release the Boss
(Finished by Staff due to guide inactivity, we recommend the author leave these unchanged.)
At the top level (thana_boss), this is where you will need the four fragments as mentioned at the beginning of the guide. Follow the direction of the map below, go to each platforms to insert the corresponding fragments. Each time there will be a monster summoned, you must kill it before going to the next platform.
It seems there is no particular order required to insert which first or last, as long as you insert the correct fragment to each. Be careful that the input could be case sensitive. For example, typing ‘Fragment of Sorrow’ will work but ‘Fragment of sorrow’ might not.

At each platform, you have to step at near the center to activate the input box. Be sure to have the correct fragments in your inventory … if not then you must go back. The monster will summon as soon as you hit enter, so you better be able to tank a bit or do whatever it takes to stay alive (or just wait for res).
Recommended order is to start from Fragment of Sorrow (thana_boss 217,167):

Then work your way down clock-wise to Fragment of Agony (thana_boss 202,75):

Fragment of Hatred (thana_boss 80,76):

Fragment of Despair (thana_boss 62,171):

After the four fragments are inserted and monsters are defeated. You have to get to the north platform. In this north platform, you have to step near the center to trigger the monster summon. When you stepped onto the right tile (thana_boss 141,218), four monsters you previously summoned and defeated will be summoned again right next to you (be sure you can tank a few hits or just wait for res), again you must defeat them.

Once you have done that, Thanatos Phantom and his minions will be waiting for you at his spawn point (thana_boss 139,129).

for more information and more precise please follow this link!


Have fun! Wink

lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!
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Thanatos Quest Here!
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