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 Suggestions Section..

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John Matt-

John Matt-

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Suggestions Section.. Empty
PostSubject: Suggestions Section..   Suggestions Section.. EmptyMon Oct 26, 2009 6:59 am

Well, I won't be taking this so long but here we go.. This will be a suggestion section for those who wants to suggest something to improve our server.. Hope the admin will read it and approve them..

My Suggestions:

1.) Enable Dual Log - So people can leech themselves from another account and such..

2.) Add Vote4Points option - So people might vote for our server and have rewards in-game in return..

3.) Fix the drop rates - The said drop rate in the website doesn't apply in-game, so please change it ASAP?

4.) Add more custom items (questable ones) - I have seen some players complain about the custom items coz we only have few of them and players want more quests (customs) so that they may have something to do in-game.. At the moment, we only have 6-7 custom quest and some players are asking for more.. so please give consideration with this..

5.) Recruit ACTIVE Game Masters - These past few days, I barely see GMs (Game Masters) online and I don't know why they are being inactive.. I understand that most of our GMs are students and have their own real-life problems, but please, ASK them if they would be still able to help new players coz lack of GMs Support will be a problem on our server reviews and might be also a problem with our server population.. Admin is active but he himself is getting busy with real-life problems and server problems, so yeah.. WE NEED THE ACTIVE GAME MASTERS BADLY..

So far, these are my suggestions for our precious server.. Hope u appreciate them and be approved.. Thanks..

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•Gm• Crisanta

•Gm• Crisanta

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Suggestions Section.. Empty
PostSubject: reply   Suggestions Section.. EmptyTue Oct 27, 2009 9:59 am

Dual log, NO!
voteforpoints cost money(getting one soon)
more quest, absolutely
drop rates,stays the same.
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Suggestions Section..
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